5 Years ago

5 years ago today I started this blog. Mainly to write about my experiences with my crazy friends who I considered family, my real loud and proud somewhat nuts family members, my adventures as a 1st time mommy and wife to a very talented artist. I can’t believe its been 5 years and if you would have asked me then where I would be today I would have never in a billion years guessed I would be here.

Being a single mom was NEVER  in my plan. The details of my breakup still remain private, with the exception of close family members and friends who I have shared all the embarrassing details with and of course the ones who are able to put two and two together via social media and whispered about it with others instead of asking me about it. My “friends” who I considered family I no longer speak to most of them anymore. My real family, well what can I say, they are still loud, proud and just a little more nuts. And ZJ, he’s still the light of my life and my motivation to keep it all together even when I felt like would never be able to get out of bed and face the world.

So it’s safe to say things have definitely changed, which has been difficult for me to deal with but with each passing day it gets better and I learn to embrace it. Life is a lesson and you just have to learn how to roll with the punches. Let go of what and who is no longer and love and cherish what and who is to stay.

This blog post definitely wasn’t what I had in mind when I decided to dust off my laptop and sign onto my blog. I wasn’t expecting to see that 5 year anniversary notification. I guess life has a funny way of throwing things in your face without you realizing it. For a while I was going back and forth on whether or not shut this blog down and be done with it. I had no idea what direction I was going in with it anymore but looking back at all the post before this one I realized that its okay for this blog to not have a steady direction. It’s always been about my life and just like life, you never know where you end up and with whom. For now, I’m just here cherishing those who are here to stay.


And yes, you guys will still be able to log in and read about what I’m getting into. You just wont have every single detail. There’s just some memories worth keeping to myself.



Review: Dry Body Oil

I’m not one to be stingy with products I find that work amazing. I’m always willing to share great finds but I unintentionally only do so with my friends and family. 

When I was about 11 years old I noticed dry patches on my stomach and on the back of my knees that itched like a mother f**ker! I would literally scratch like a crack head till I bled. It was horrible and super uncomfortable. Growing up Hispanic meant that Vicks is the cure to all your problems but that year I learned there’s even some things Vicks can’t cure. So with nothing to help my problem and dry patches only getting worse my mom took me to the dermatologist where we discovered that I had a small case of eczema. I was prescribed a cream and before I knew it I was dry patches and itch free. 

Fortunately for me I was free of eczema and it never came back. Now as an adult I’m all about moisturizing my skin. I have 57 bottles of lotions lined up and ready. Any scent, any brand. 

You want to smell sexy and look bronzed? I have a lotion for that Feeling fruity? I have a lotion for that. Oh, you can’t sleep? I have a lotion for that. Stressed out? Well what do you know, I have a lotion for that. 

Anyway browsing through the isles at rite aid I come across a dry body oil by Organix. I swear by their hair products. Anything from the shampoo to the serums. And good God do they smell amazing! I pick up the oil and smelled it. It smelled just like the hair products. I had to try a little in my hand because one this I hate is to feel oily. I like my skin to feel moisturized and soft but definitely not oily. I rubbed a little on my hand and was sold by how quickly it absorbed and left my hand feeling so soft without feeling oily. 

   I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks now and I absolutely LOVE it! I put it on in the shower after washing and rinse than add a little more to my damp skin and air dry. My skin feels so soft and hydrated while smelling amazing. While I can’t speak much for how it’ll work on my skin for the harsh winter weather, based on other reviews I’ve read online I heard it’s just as amazing.

I definitely recommend to anyone! You won’t be disappointed. 

Weekend Errands 

Lately my oh so fun filled weekends are spent doing laundry, scrubbing my bathroom till it sparkles and just straight up looking a mess. When I do escape the four walls (only to impress the viejito who bags my groceries) I keep it as comfy as possible without looking like I’m homeless even though it means ditching my guys sports tshirts and basketball shorts. I keep it simple really, sticking to black and gray (which is all I seem to own) Leggings, an over sized sweater, and a leather jacket and scarf… Hair somewhat decent.

I’m not sure if wedge sneakers are still “in” but whatever. I love them. So politely fuck off if you may. ❤️

Sunglasses: RayBan
Jacket: New York & Co
Scarf, Sweater & Leggings: Forever 21
Sneakers: Nike
Purse: Prada

PS. Thank you ZJ none of your patience while taking this pic. Mommy loves you 😘

Back To School: OOTD 

The start of a new school year quickly approaches after what seemed like the shortest summer ever. I think ZJ was one of the only kids actually excited for school to start. (I don’t mean that sarcastically) He’s starting the 2nd grade in a new school and I swear I’m probably more nervous than him while he’s cool, calm and collective. 


Photo taken with Snapchat: Kattwomanxo

Some things never change however, like trying to get him out of bed early in the morning. Even as a baby he wasn’t easy to wake up. He slept through EVERYTHING including he’s feeding time. I definitely was not one of those sleep deprived new moms. My new born loved to sleep just as much as his mommy. 

  Surprisingly I didn’t go crazy with back to school clothing shopping. I actually didn’t shop at all. So his first day of school outfit were things he had already and that honestly he only may have worn once.

Happy first day of school to kids, teachers and parents everywhere. May everyone have a great year ahead!

Outfit Deets:
Shirt: Target
Shorts: The Childerns Place
Sneakers: Vans
Backpack: Fjallraven Kanken
Sunglasses: Old Navy

OOTD: Sunday Brunch 

  I have been dying to wear this dress since I received it as a Mothers Day gift from my mom. And what better day than Sunday brunch. 

 I just love how delicate it looks. 

Dress: Forever 21

Sunglasses: RayBan  

Causal 28

My 28th birthday was yesterday.

I had nothing to do and planned nowhere to go so there was no need to get all hyped up and dressed up. I dressed in a plain grey super casual, comfy jersey knit maxi skirt (which I tied up at the bottom, plain white crop top and converse. (Ya’ll know I LOVE my Chucks in the summer)

I have to say I’ve learned and grew a lot emotionally and mentally this past year. I’ve gained and I’ve lost. I learned to pick and choose my battles and when to let let go of what serves me no purpose. But let’s be honest, I’m only human and sometimes I do fine myself feeding into the bullshit from time to time. But now I know when I should fall back and leave things as is and let things play out as they may.  Although I may not know what 28 has in store for me I couldn’t be more excited to say my farewells to 27 and embrace 28 and all the new changellages that are coming my way.

“In the end, it’s NOT the years in your life that matter. It’s the life in your years” -Abraham Lincoln

Outfit Details:

RayBan Erika



Converse All Star


Satan? Is that you? 

So it’s nap time at work and everyone is asleep and this one little boy rose up from under his blanket, mumbling idk what, stuck out his hands and roared. I thought I was in the exorcist! First let me say I don’t play with demons, any movie about god and the devil is guaranteed to scare the shit out of me. I’m a punk when it comes to demonic shit, I don’t care what anyone says! 

So I had two seconds to make a life decision, do I chop him in the throat and run out the building leaving the other kids to fend for themselves? Or do I want to die a hero who saves pre schoolers from the devil? That should for sure get me to heaven right? Lol

Well before I could make a decision I heard the little boy say something about being a dinosaur, laid back down and went back to sleep. I knew I was safe.. Kinda! *says prayer while holding the tiny cross I have on my necklace.*

But let me just say I was scared as all hell. I’m not even going to lie! 
PS: No Mom, I’m still not going to church on Sunday. 😘